Ralph Reichenbach

Edmonton Alberta

Ralph is a self-taught artist, furniture maker and designer having grown up in his father’s wood shop. He attended NAIT in the cabinet making program, graduated top in his class and then continued on as an instructor for two years.

Fine workmanship and attention to detail are skills that can be taught, and Ralph has learned these very well, however some things cannot be taught like a keen intuition, sensitivity to the materials and passion. Ralph specializes in the use of wood veneers and combines them with solid woods to create aesthetically pleasing ornamental and functional objects. His beautiful wood turnings are constantly evolving with the uniqueness of each piece inspiring him to experiment and form new and distinct one of a kind designs. 

Ralph has been featured in a number of galleries such as TU Gallery and Alberta Craft Council Gallery. He has also launched a new local gallery called Bay 1 Gallery featuring local artists including himself. Visit bay1gallery.com.